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Painful intercourse


I was diagnosed with IC several months ago. After months of going to the gynecologist for ghost UTIs her nurse suggested I go to a urologist. I am not on any medicine, just taking Prelief with foods. I had no idea that the pain during and after sex I am experiencing was related until I began reading up on IC. I talked to my gynecologist several times about this to no avail, but I'm glad to know that I'm not just paranoid as one doctor suggested. I would like any advice on what to do during sex as I have been having very painful flare ups during and sometimes for days after. I usually take Ibuprofen for the flare ups; sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. Many times I will have to stop during because the pain becomes extremely intense. I am still a newbie when it comes to IC, but I have been doing a lot of reading to educate myself. Any and all advice is welcome. This has just left me feeling very defeated.
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Hi there!

I am assuming that all gynaecological causes such as growths/ masses/ ulcers/ endometriosis etc have been ruled out before considering IC by your urologist. There are a few medications that you could use for IC, while chronic/ long term use of NSAIDS is not typically advised due to an adverse side effect profile. The management plan is best discussed with your treating urologist depending on the severity of the condition/ symptoms. Traumatic sexual intercourse is typically avoided while generous use of lubricants is advised to avoid symptomatic flare.
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Your best bet is lots of water and make sure you are taking an alkalete medication which you can get on-line.  Also, you can buy Peridium over the counter.  Its a Bladder number.  The Pharmacist told me if I double the dose, which is 2 and take 4, its equal to the perscription.  So, I have and it will take the pain away!  Hope this helps!
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