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Sjogren's and fibromyalgia

Hi - I was recently diagnosed with interstitial cystitis.  I also have Sjogren's, fibromyalgia, and a variant on the MEFV gene.  My doctor prescribed Elmiron which I just started.  Is there a connection between interstitial cystitis and Sjogren's, fibromyalgia, or the inflammatory response from the genetic variant?  I'm wondering if there are other treatment options besides the medication that will also address the other issues.

Also, I've noticed that when using the TENS unit near the kidneys, the interstitial cystitis is exacerbated - but, when using the unit over the hip and low back, it helps.  Is there a connection there?

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I have no idea but was diagnosed with IC some years ago.  I had a history of bladder problems, retention and difficulty going, and the urologist at the time recommended a bladder suspension, which is usually done for incontinence.  2 of my doctors told me not to have it but when I needed a hysterectomy, I had the suspension done vaginaly and glad I did! That was over 20 years ago  after we moved, was having some issues and had to find a new urologist. He did biopsies and diagnosed IC.  Actually, he did DMSO bladder infusions and I have had no more problems.
You stink like garlic for a day or so.
About 4 years ago, began having problems with dry mouth and throat and globus.  Blood work and 2 biopsies negative for Sjorgens.  It gets progressively worse and now I have problems with thick phlegm they can't figure out either.  
I have had burning pain on one side of my back, kind of like Shingles, no rash. They can't figure that out either.  Fibro was mentioned but I know that isn't it.  I assisted judges in disability hearings for a number of years and my symptoms do not meet the criteria.
Actually, what helps my back is acupuncture.  He said it was a nerve probably coming from the spine.
I wish I knew of a connection.  I wish I could find a doctor that would stop to think about what isn't obvious
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IC and fibromyalgia go hand in hand.  Sjorgren's is quite common when you have IC too.  I know that if you have one autoimmune disease you are more likely to have another but I'm not sure why IC seems to be connected with so many!
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