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Can’t fart or poop. Nothing is helping.

So this a long one bare with me. It all started when I got drunk March 22nd. I took a fall and blacked out got dehydrated and got an infection. That gave me fevers and was prescribed an antibiotic that obviously gave me the bowel movements and I was finally able to eat after 3 days of feeling miserable. Then on Monday I noticed a dull ache on my lower right abdomen. I figured I just had to fart no big deal only I couldn’t. I tried my best to fart and yes I would fart but I would have to force a fart. On Tuesday my symptoms were worse. I not only was bloated from not being able to poop, I couldn’t fart. On Wednesday I strained so hard to poop I did just a bit but it was so hard. And it did give me a little comfort but the dull ache didn’t go away. I couldnt eat due to the bloating. Feeling desperate and just wanting relief from the indigestion I had developed because I was able to poop enough to make my stomach less bloated, I went to the store and bought a stool softener and it worked but the dull ache didn’t go away I couldn’t fart to save to my life. Desperate on Thursday I went to dr in so much pain. I couldn’t fart or poop and he just said he couldn’t rule out appendicitis but recommended I go to the hospital. He told me to take miralax which I did and it made indigestion worse but help somewhat the farts I could fart if I strained. But no matter how much I strained it didn’t feel like the dull ache was going away. So I went to the hospital and a cat scan was taken and was told there was no blockage no appendicitis, no cyst in my ovaries, nothing that indicated any abnormalities with my abdomen. On Friday feeling so desperate for any sort of gas relief I bought an enema and it barely worked still can fart but I need to strain like I mean lift a leg so I could fart. Never in my life I have ever been so desperate to pass gas. Today i bough ultra strength gas x and some suppositories. I took the gas x , took a walk in the park to see if that would break the gas. This morning I did do yoga poses and yes I farted but by straining. It’s like yes I pass gas but not enough for relief. The dull ache is still there. I am barely able to eat because of the indigestion and not being able to fart. I did a suppository it worked but barely anything came out. Now I’m just defeated and don’t know what to do. I’ve never had issues like this. I have an appointment for a gastroenterologist on the 16th but I don’t know if I had take not eating until then. I’m trying my best for any comfort I’m so desperate please anyone help.
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having a similar problem did u find a cure
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