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Constant Wet burp and Indigestion since a week

Until last Monday things were well. Even the weather was in 70's F, sunny which transited to upper 40's within next 2 days along with rainfall and cloudy. I went outside for my class in that weather and came back. I started to feel a bit sick and my throat felt heavy. I ignored, and took a dinner that night. I went to bed, still feeling bit odd in throat and woke up to vomit my dinner and few undigested lunch chunks. I drank some water, and after vomit it felt a bit better and I went again to sleep.

From the next day, I started to pay caution on what I ate and focused on eating light items such as Rice, Potatoes etc. From Tuesday to Friday, I did not had any stool passed. It was something unusual, my stooling frequency is generally like stool a day or stool every 2 day in worse case. But 3 days after that vomit, I didn't had any stool. Luckily I had stool on the day-4 Saturday, but it was not enough to clear the stomach. I faced dozens of Wet Burp (feels just like vomit but until the mouth), Acidity and some gas.

The stool isn't soft nor harder, also it's brown in color. I checked for blood in it, but couldn't find any so far. My stomach always feel like it is something going wrong, uncomfortable sensation and makes noise most of the time (even when I am not hungry).

My appetite is still the same, but It seems my weight has decreased a bit compared to last week (although not measured) and I feel so dehydrated. I started to take Pedialyte, Gatorade etc and that helps. It is pretty confusing that even though the weather is cold, I am feeling dehydrated (Like my lips get white etc). Like today morning after waking up, I felt lightheadedness just because of dehydration.

Note that, Vomit only happened one time so far and now the Stool happens every day (atleast since past 2 days). But Wet Burps, stomach noise, gas is persistent. I don't have any stomach ache apart from few cramps which doesn't bother much

What should be the reason for this ?
1.) Does the Weather transition causes the stomach issue ?
2.) How come I feel dehydrated in a stomach issue ? and what are alternatives apart from pedialyte in dehydration
3.) Should I go and see GP on next Monday ?
4.) Does this sounds like Food poisoning ?
5.) What Food should I eat in this case ?
6.) Is this something serious, because I am scared as I had gas issues since couple of last month ( but they haven't been this wild). I am 20-ish, Male for the records.

Any help is appreciated.
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Sorry you are having a hard time of it.  Have you gotten any better since posting?  

You sound constipated to me.  That can happen if we have a change.  Not sure weather would do it but who knows.  Stress, vacation, schedule changes, etc. can all contribute.  What you should do is increase the water consumption.  Your intestines will work better with an influx of water coming in.  Pedialyte, gator aid and other hydration drinks are fine.  But even just water would work.  To get the bowel moving, I give my son a cup of grape juice daily.  
You also sound to have too much acid (the wet burps?).  So, carbonated beverages are out.  You might try an antacid pill sold over the counter.  A tablet like 'tagamet' or other brand or the chewable antacids like Tums. Moderate fiber.  Have moderate fiber and stay away from bananas and dairy if you overdue with that stuff.  Have some but not much, if that makes sense.

Food poisoning is terrible and would say you don't have this.  Food poisoning is associated with heavy vomiting, massive nausea, headache, diarrhea and fever.  

Perhaps you do, however, have a touch of gastritis.  

How are you feeling now since you posted this a couple of days ago?
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