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Dire need of IBS related advice

I have been reading several posts and have more questions than answers. Im worried and would be extremely grateful for advice.
I was in some serious level of tension (nothing like I have ever experienced before) for ~7-8 weeks. 1-2 weeks after this worry started, I got diarrhea and then constant spasms in the right side of my tummy. I went to an MD and he gave me antibiotics. The spasms were cured but the diarrhea was not. After a week or 2 the spasms started again with severe tummy/ abdomen ache. I was again taking meds and the spasms stopped. 2 weeks before I got rid of my worry as the issue was sorted and my MD told me that I have IBS and I should eat everything now along with the 4 different meds he gave me, one of them being Imodium. Now, it's been 2 weeks since I take an Imodium daily and other meds. My stomach/abdomen burn reduced by 50% roughly because of these meds and I get like one tiny spasm a day or not even that. While Imodium controls the no. Of times I have to pass stool, but it's still small pieces. My tummy at times becomes rock solid hard when there is pain and I always have gas (all-time). Also because I started eating totally everything in the last couple of days, the pain has also slightly increased in the last couple of days. Also I have been experiencing pain in my calf muscles and joints in legs.
I have the following questions:
1. My worry is gone but IBS has not. Is this a lifetime thing (Diarrhea and gas)? How severe is it for me right now?
2. I read IBS is related to a lot of things,what all tests should I get done?
3. What next? My doctor said we can get an endoscopy done if it persists. Adviceable?
4. Muscle aches and join pain related to IBS?
5. Planning to get married in some months, will this in anyway my to-be wife's life? Should I go ahead or not?

Sorry for the long post. Appreciate any guidance. Thanks!!
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Would also like to mention that I have headaches at times.
Yes it does sound like you have IBS.  Everyone experiences something different as far as symptoms go.  My gastro doctor told me to get on a good probiotic.  Also, you should try psyllium husk (Metamucil).  It works for some with diarrhea.  You have to see if it would work for you as well.
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I think an elimination diet would help a lot. I cut out gluten and dairy. I only have symptoms now of my IBS if I have an exposure to one of these two items
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