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From appendicitis diagnosis to feacally impacted

Hi , I have recently seen a surgical doctor as I was in a lot of pain on my right side of my stomache , he was all for sending me in for surgery as he thought it was my appendix , I then saw another doctor who said I was impacted feacally and sent me home with 2 boxes of laxatives and softners to make me go to the toilet , it took me 24 satches of the stuff to first go to the toilet but now I'm really worried as I can not go unless I take them I'm only 26 tears of age and I worry that this is my life now and it's really getting me down and depressed I've tried supositries they didn't work ,I've tried other constipation tablets and now I think the laxatives I take are not working as good as they used to but if I don't take them I can't go for days and it's painfull  I'm worried something serious inside me is wrong such as a blockage or a Tumor,  I'm also contemplating to go for clonic irrigation or not has anyone ever found it effective ?
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For me eating papaya every day (a lot at morning time) changed my life. I had your problems for a long time. So depressing but it got better. I also take magnesium which helps a lot. But the biggest change was cutting out dairy and gluten. Now when I have an exposure to gluten I can't go to the bathroom for a long time, usually four or five days
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