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Gas, constipation, belching, and weight loss????

Over a year ago, I stopped my depo shot. It was still in my system until about August 2018 which was when I initially got my cycle again. At this time I began to develop a lot of digestive problems. It started with just gas and bloating. Then it progressed to constipation. Now February 2019, I'm experiencing belching at all hours of the day, excessive gas and constipation. I've lost about 20-25 lbs now. I had an endoscopy but everything came back normal. I've had blood work done and everything returned normal, except i was a little low in antibodies for Celiac Disease test but the doctor said it wasn't an issue. Now im extremely stressed because I don't know whats causing and apparently the doctors dont either. At first the issue was only after I ate at lunch time, now it seems to occur all the time. I can feel the gas on the left side of my stomach before it moves down. My stomach makes these loud rubbling/gassy noises also on the left side. Is anyone else having these issues and have a solution. I'm DESPERATE!!
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Hey there,
I would advise you to try using probiotics. You might have heard of these, they are basically friendly bacteria that help to improve digestion and get rid of other infections. Yogurts and Kefir are rich sources of probiotics. There are supplements as well. I would recommend Flourish Probotics by Eu Natural. It is made from bacteria which help to improve digestion, urinary tract and gut health. You can check it out.
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Wow, I'm having the exact same issues. I just moved to Houston so i still have a week to go until i see the doctor.
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