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Help needed - PAIN and DIARRHOEA


I have been suffering from severe abdominal pain and diarrhoea. It first happened 4 months ago, it went after 3 weeks and I changed my diet to ensure I was eating more healthier foods.

Only this week the same symptoms have reappeared. Severe Diarrhea and abdominal cramping. I’m confused because I changed my diet and thought this would fix the problem. Clearly not as the same symptoms have come back.

I’m currently off work, depressed and unable to eat without pooing. I’m taking buscopan inodium and currently on a long waiting list to see a gastroenterologist with a view of having an endoscopy.

I have never experienced this previously and have been able to intake all types of food and drink without a problem. It’s worth noting my mum is coeliac and my grandad died of bowel cancer. The rest of my family are fine.

I’ve started a new job which involves travel to other countries. If this problem continues il be out of a job and just a depressed mess.

Any help thoughts or guidance please?
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Well the Imodium you are taking is quite good but consistent use of it may result to severe constipation. I would advise you to start using probiotics. These are healthy bacteria that actually help to support gut health and balance flora. Sadly most of the medication we take tend to destroy these healthy bacteria in our system. Yogruts and Kefir are generally great sources of probiotics but for more immediate relief, I would suggest you go in for probiotic supplements. A god one which I have also used is Flourish Probitoics by Eu Natural.
I would suggest you check it out
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Thank you for your response
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I will try it
glad I could help. Good Luck
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