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IBS? Or something else?

Recently I have started struggling with IBS symptoms. It started when I was working in retail and often times i did not eat healthy. I would eat snacks only. At first i would just have to use the bathroom several times in the morning. That was in august. I saw my doctor about this and he has me on probiotics/digestive enzymes, a powder called GI Revive, and an update on thyroid medicine...It is now almost November and my symptoms have become worse it seems, I now have constipation at night and diarrhea in the morning accompanied with gas and bloating almost constantly. I know this can be cause by a lot of things but does anyone have any advice for me? I am currently attempting to cut  sugar and wheat out of my diet. I am a 20 year old female.
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I am sorry to hear about your problem with IBS , I have this problem for 4 years and I couldn't get answer from 5 Doctors, sometimes I wish I could die, it was really bad,  I was missing work and sick almost everyday,the Doctors did all tests, Liver test, Thyroid, gastrodoudenoscopy, barium swallow, several ultra sounds to my abdomen and uterus, Colonoscopy, name it, for a period of 4 years, I had so many medications in my house, I could open a pharmacy, I tried probiotics, Prebatiocs, Bowel cleanse, name it , I tried it, I was referred to Urology, OBgyn, G I, nothing works, until 2 months ago, my job changed insurance to Kaiser, I went to see the Doctor, and he said, that my problem sounds like IBS, he gave some Protonics and Imodium but 3 days later, I was still in pain, with diarrhea today, constipation tomorrow, then he gave me Busporine and Effexor, I challenged that because I know that the medications are used for anxiety, I asked him that he think I am crazy or making all these up, he told me that it is true that it is commonly used for anxiety and that he doesn't think I am crazy or making it up, he explained that the medicine is also good for IBS, I agreed to try it, because at this point, I will try anything as long as it was prescribed by the Doctor, he warned me that it could take about 2 to 3 weeks before I see relieve, it,s been 6 weeks since I started, I have no more symptoms, none at all, I came to this site to share my experience with everyone that is how I came across your post, talk to your Doctor and see if these medications will help you, I want you to also Google " Buspurine for IBS " and read it, basically, IBS is a disease that you feel in the stomach and intestine but there is something in the brain that needs to be corrected, because the nerves sending message from the brain to the G I , messed up and need to be reset, Like I said earlier, talk to your Doctor, Good Luck and I pray that you get a healing from this horrible disease
what's the best way to find out if You have MS? My symptoms started after major bowel movement and bowel discomfort progression: I started feeling severe abdominal discomfort after anything I ate, pulsating in my legs, pain and pricking in my legs at night, fatigue especially after eating anything, just awful after I ate almost anything, Felt like a huge bag of sand was pressing on all my insides in my get. Then I got severe eye pressure and pain behind my eye. Then eventually I got pressure all over my body, muscle aches and sharp pains after eating a lot of different foods and when moving like walking or after lying down where the bed put pressure on my legs, acid reflux with regurgitation, and now join aches after I eat.
My doctor made me feel like it was al anxiety. She was like "do you notice any connection to food?". Because I was reacting badly to almost anything I couldn't believe there could be a food connection. But I should have told her some foods are worse than others like sugar and wheat. But there were just much more I was reacting to like almost any fruit such as apples and strawberries.
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Doctors are still unbelievably bad with diagnosing GI issues.I'm also 20 and female and, for most of my life, I had dealt with pain, fainting, shaking uncontrollably, and chronic diarrhea. All of my symptoms (besides the diarrhea because as a child I didn't really question whether or not I was having healthy bowel movements) we're known to my PCP and completely ignored. I had been hospitalized several times due to these issues and taken to specialists who just couldn't determine anything. This summer I worked at a very fancy restaurant and was under a lot of pressure to appear perfect. During the short time I worked there, I had dropped 15 pounds (from 112 to 97 pounds), was I constant and chronic pain, had chronic diarrhea, and constantly nauseous. I strayed from my PCP and went to another doctor who almost immediately diagnosed me with IBS and GERD and it completely explained a lot of my issues. Tomorrow I have a colonoscopy and an endoscopy to make sure it's not Crohn's or Colitis.
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