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IBS Relief?


I suffer with IBS, I have had it since a young age, anyway!  I can sometimes become constipated, I do eat lots of Fresh fruit and Veg, I don't eat high sugar sweets/junk food!  

I was wondering what I could have to help me "go" ;)  My Fertility Dr did tell me to try Peppermint oil or some kind of Peppermint relief medication, ( I can't remember which one she said now ) Anyway I looked it up online, and it contains nuts, & I am allergic to nuts -_- But, I do drink Peppermint Tea every other day, It actually had helped a few times, but it hasn't of late!

I try so hard to drink as much water as possible!  I do suffer with PMS & I think that sometimes before my Period is due, I become constipated, ( my period is due in about 5 days time ) But then during my Period I do "go" even more!  Which is a great relief for me :D

In the mean time, what can I do to help?  Any different kinds of foods/drinks? etc :)

Thank you, any advice will be appreciated x
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It is late so won't get into a lengthy discussion.  
Look up an OTC herbal supplement called Iberogast (Amazon).  See if there are any ingredients in there you might be allergic to.  I have/had IBS/C also. Was put on Amitiza and then Linzess which work well for some but not me but I can be sensitive to meds. It was my GI doctor at Stanford that suggested I try the Iberogast. I was skeptical but gave it a try.  You can mix it in something to mask the taste.  I actually but it in my morning coffee and only use it once a day.  Took some time but I have a BM almost daily.  It has to be helping as there are really no other changes to my meds.
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I am currently on Linzess which has done nothing. I spend my time going to doctors and have had all the scoping imaginable. Should I go to another gastro for a second opinion?
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I find wheat a bix helps me sometimes X
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