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IBS killed my teen years

So I've been suffering with IBS for four years, it started when I was 15. And now.. things are getting difficult, with going to university, commuting, and general stress in my life. I find it hard to control my vomiting, happens on almost a daily basis now. My motto "eat less, vomit less" And well, I have given up hope on dieting, it isn't working out so well.. and slowly giving up hope on everything else. I have to get married soon, so it's going to be an issue with him. Currently I have constipation.. which has been going on for about 4 months now. So, fatigue, irritability, bad moods, and feelings of hopelessness are what I've been dealing with. I don't really know what I'm looking for here, because it's been four years.. my mid teens and has completely ruined my life since then andd well, now what? I've been losing a lot of weight, and it is hard for me to gain weight and stay above 115lbs, but I guess that's fine. I guess that's just normal now..
So I am content with constipation compared to diarrhea, it just hurts going to the bathroom, and like a lot of other patients, I have a extra mucus in stools as well.
I am uncomfortable commuting to school, especially since now I will commuting with two sisters and have to stay on campus until about 8pm, and then get home at 9pm. My stomach doesn't digest well with any outside food (restaurants, fast foods, anything that wasn't made at home). I'm looking for a cure, a relief. I know stress is a huge factor in all this and I feel swallowed up by it because really nothing is in my control, it's all controlled by my parents.. who no longer even ask how I am feeling even after seeing me vomit.. guess it's been a long 4 years.

Soo, thanks for reading my story, if you did. Feel free to reply or message me or anything...
I'm open to advice, or anyone who can relate.

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