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IBS or Something Else?

About 9 weeks ago, January 15th to be exact, I was eating a bag of microwave kettle corn flavored popcorn, and usually after I’m through with the actual popcorn, I rip up the bag and lick the insides to get all the butter off (idk it just tastes good to me I guess) but this night while I was licking off the butter from the bag I suddenly began noticing that the roof of my mouth became numb and that I had this weird metallic taste in my mouth, and when I looked at the part of the bag I was licking I noticed some exposed aluminum foil that I guess was imbedded in the bag?? Anyways, to get the taste out of my mouth I drank water, and as the water and metallic taste went down through my intestines, I kind of got a burning sensation in my intestines and got kind of dizzy, and right after that I went to bed. In the morning I suffered from diarrhea, gas, the feeling of incomplete bowel evacuation, slight stomach cramps and burping which lasted through the day, and 9 weeks later they’re still here. The stomach pain changes throughout the day, and usually at night it kind of turns into a slight gnawing pain. My bowel movements have been totally inconsistent. Sometimes I’ll had normal solid poop but then later I’ll have diarrhea, but I still have trouble actually pooping. Sometimes I feel like I have to poop and when I try I get close to nothing. About 2 weeks into this disaster my bowel movements went completely back to normal for 2 days (but I still had the feeling of incomplete bowel moments) and after 2 days I went back to barely being able to go to the bathroom. I haven’t noticed blood in my poop at all and my appetite has been normal ( although some days I feel nauseous) but that’s really it in terms of that. I’d also like to add that the pain is 99% in the lower abdominal area (around and under the belly button) but sometimes I feel pain at the left and right side of my abdomen ( at separate times) I also have these weird spams in my abdomen area, as well as the feeling of “pinched intestines” is the best way I can describe it. I can also literally feel gas moving in my abdominal area as well as a burning sensation, Could whatever that metallic taste I got from that weird aluminum foil which was imbedded in the popcorn bag have caused all this?? I didn’t even swallow a piece of it! All I did was wash down the taste with water and literally moments later all this started. I was completely fine before that! Could the butter have caused me to get IBS?? I’m going to the doctors this Tuesday to get everything checked out but I wanted to ask here for a second opinion. Id also like to add that when I eat, I can hear my stomach start growling and stuff like indigestion and then I get gassy (this literally happens while I’m eating). I’m only 18 years old (I’m actually kind of underweight for my age, I weigh between 104-109 and I’m supppsed to weigh in the 140s, but I am currently working on gaining weight and getting my health in order. This whole situation has been a wake-up call. What do you guys think is going on? I read up on the aluminum foil in the popcorn bag and it’s something called a “susceptor” or something like that, and it’s supposed to absorbed heat from the microwave to make the popcorn pop in the bag. On top of all this I suffer from debilitating anxiety and OCD and I’m so scared this is stomach/colon cancer some how...
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I would consider talking to your doctor about a colonoscopy.
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