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Is meat at all fermentable?

I'm desperately trying to find a solution for my constant gas and bloating, so right now I'm basically eating just lean beef and pork (I strongly suspect I'm also intolerant to seafood and poultry, which is very inconvenient) - I'm sure my nutrition is suffering a lot so I'm hoping to find safe foods soon so I can reintroduce things. The basis of this is that (according to all the info I can find) protein doesn't get fermented so it shouldn't be possible for it to cause gas, and although fat can often trigger IBS this is, as far as I can tell, due to increasing gut motility so that undigested foods pass into the colon early and are fermented by bacteria.
If I'm only eating protein and fat, is there any reason why I would still be getting gas? I can't tell if it's from what I'm eating now or if there's still some rice in my system from a few days ago that has too much starch and is still fermenting
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I don't think so.  Beef does not have fermentable sugars.  Same goes for pork.  But chicken isn't supposed to be either.  most with ibs can eat chicken as long as they watch what they put on it??  
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