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Nausea, bloating, on/off diarrhea, NO PAIN ANYWHERE, 3 weeks

some background: I am a 19 year old male I have always been healthy, ate a a good diet although I would eat up to 4000 calories a day to try to put on muscle, have not thrown up in 15 years and barely ever had any even minor stomach problems. I have always had a diet high in fats however a lot of these fats would be healthier such as nuts, avocados, eggs, etc. Never took any meds except antibiotics for a bladder infection and bronchitis when I was around 5 or 6 since then no major health problems. Only supplement or med I can think of that I have taken is creatine but I stopped that since I got sick because I can't keep my fluid intake high enough now.

Health issue: I'll break this up into weeks
week 1: Ate the usual big meal and got moderate nausea thought I was gonna throw up but it wasn't bad enough. thought it was because I overate and didn't think anything of it, next day same thing after eating a large meal in the afternoon, the whole week this would occur after I would eat a large meal in the afternoons as I always have done and it prevented me form eating supper because the food would sit in my stomach and I would be nauseous. I continued to eat normally eventually I ate once again at the end of that week and the nausea was so bad I tried throwing up but couldn't the nausea was non stop and went into the next day, normal bowel movements this whole weak with minor diarrhea

week 2: such horrible nausea that I could barely drink and didn't eat anything the whole day, next day Im starting to drink eating some crackers, next day on to rice, next day rice and boiled carrots, next day I leave to go camping. While camping I barely ate anything because i would get nauseous. One day I felt better I ate 2 eggs and got so sick I was out the next day for the whole day and only drank water. The whole week I ended up only eating 3000-4000ish calories because of the nausea, no pain, 2 normal bowel movements 1 diarrhea

week 3: Came home very dehydrated and huge deficit in calories, I went from 165 to 145lbs. The next 2 days I had diarrhea which I thought was a good sign because maybe whatever is in me is getting cleaned out. I rehydrated myself drank some ensure shakes ate rice and got back on my feet. I was heaving some dizziness, lightheadedness, low grade fever alternating with a low temperature the next day. Here I am now about 3 weeks later I can now eat chicken, rice and boiled vegetables, drink ensure shakes, drink water, trying to help my gut flora with Kombucha, eating papaya to help digestion but yet I still feel very bloated, full, slightly nauseous after every meal. and anytime I eat any fat as much as 1 serving of peanuts the nausea returns and I get even more bloated. I also have some heartburn, no fever anymore, never had any pain, bowel movement fairly normal a little bit of diarrhea but its going away, also quite tired during the day but I can only eat around 1500-2000 calories a day to feel comfortable and not too nauseous. Through out these 3 weeks I also had some anal burning after bowel movements even though I did not eat spicy foods.

I apologize for the long post but I feel like the progression might help others figure out what is going on with me. I just want to get back to normal so I can eat normal foods again I don't care about eating hamburgers or other junk food I just want to have a normal digestion like I used to and eat whatever whole food I desire. Thanks
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I had this until I gave up gluten and dairy. Now I eat chicken meat vegetables and rice. Eggs too
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