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Strange bowel movements...

Hi there,

Hoping someone can help me. I posted a similar question a while ago, but there have been some developments.

Since the new year, I have had weird bowel movements on and off.

I have unformed (ie extremely soft but not watery) movements first thing in the morning. I only 'go' once a day. This lasts for a week or two and then everything suddenly reverts back to perfectly normal stools (firm, shaped). Everything will be fine for a few weeks, and then the soft stools will start again.

There is no pain, but there is urgency to go. I have been trying to think logically about this, and it doesn't really seem like an infection (which I would think of as being signalled more by diarrhea and that would either persist or gradually get better as opposed to spontaneously). I have been monitoring my diet, and nothing seems to make much difference.

I have been anxious / stressed recently, but surely if this was anxiety related, wouldn't the two always co-incide? The doctor didn't run any tests when I visited him, but said it could be anxiety.

Any help / input would be great.
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I should also say that I am 24y/o male & my diet is pretty balanced.
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Id look into food-intolerances. Gluten especially. Good luck.
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Stress/anxiety related bowel issues don't always coincide with each other.

It's much more common that once the stress/anxiety producing event(s) are relieved or over, that THEN the bowel acts up.  Your body goes into fight/flight mode when the stress/anxiety is high, and when that is lessened the after effects can hit.  This can take a day or two or more before bowel issues arise from a stress (adrenaline) hit.

When my dad passed, it was 2 days before my mom ran into diarrhea problems, and she's a lady that has never had bowel problems. She turned to me (an IBS sufferer for help, and for some of my immodium).  Her GI distress lasted a few days, and then subsided on it's own.
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