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Unexpected urgent diarrhoe attacks

I am in my freshmen year high school. I consider myself to be a model student, I got on the honour roll list, with a A - average. One day I went to school and during my third period science class, I suddenly got this painful cramping in my gut. That was followe by a sudden violent attack of uncontrollable diarrhoea. that literally shot out into my trousers and spilled out onto the floor. Nasty! I was embarrassed! What happened!? I wen to the nurse's office and was able to obtain a pass to go home. I have had diarrhoea before, but rarely with such urgency and force, what could cause that sort of thing to happen? Some of my peers taunted my and some actually did show some sympathy. I was taken to to my doctor and was told that I had food poisoning. Can there be other causes as well? Thanks!
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Would guess that this was a violent reaction to food poisoning as stated or an intense viral bug you got afflicting your gi tract.  It happens.  What is the remedy they tell you.  . . . the BRAT diet. Bananas, Rice, Apple sauce and Toast.  Was it just that one time or has it happened since.

And I had that happen in elementary school.  That's a pretty bad feeling on top of feeling sick with the diarrhea.  People will forget though as soon as the next thing happens to someone else at school.  I have a son your age. It's a rough go.  He's a super student as well.  He is often nervous about his grades and how he is doing.  
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