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Urinary Retention and IBS

Earlier this year they finally dxs me with IBS. Over the past few years I have had to get up to go to the restroom to urinate two or three times a night. I also go often during the day. the closer I get to my time of the month the more issues come up. Around my time of the month I can go to go pee and can tell I have not emptied my bladder, and have to force the rest to come out. This is the beginning of a start and stop stream. There has been times when I get up thinking I am done and have to rush back because I didnt empty my bladder fully.

Now that I laid that all out there. I have been trying to research all this, and found IBS and this condition can go hand in hand. The question is should I be worried or go back to the doctor and discuss it with them. When I was dxs with IBS the meds made me feel sick, so I stopped them. I currently am trying to stay away from foods and stuff they had determined my body to have trouble tolerating. The IBS sxs seem to be getting better, but the urinary issues are still there. I just want to be sure I should not worry as much.
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