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Weight loss and weird stools: IBS or should I be worried?

This all began a year ago with either a stomach bug after never being sick for 24 years, or a first ever deep tissue massage after which I had the worst diarrhea and nausea of my life. For a whole year following I would have off and on periods of nausea, and alternating diarrhea and constipation along with panic attacks because I was worried about cancer and other things. Last November I lost 11lbs. I had an EGD, colonoscopy, CT scan, fecal exams, blood tests, and a couple tests for Lyme, all of which came back normal. Over the summer I gained most of my weight back but just about two weeks ago after some horrible diarrhea, nausea, and a bit of anxiety about a trip I had to take for work, I lost what I had gained... about 7lbs. If this were some kind of cancer would the weight come and go, or stay off? Am I just psyching myself out when this is probably nothing serious? Thanks. 37yo male.
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I feel you, I have the similar sort of issue currently going on. It is great that you did all those tests, I don't have diarrhea though, But I have vomiting and gastric issues. Like a hell lot of wet burps, I will go and see doctor this monday
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