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I know its complicated but please help, 2 years ago the problem appeared :"constipation"
I've done everything: took magnesium, took laxative(for a week, no results), hemorrhoids meds (nothing),
stopped caffeine , did sports regulary and went to a nutritionist who  gave me a diet for constipation but... Nothing changed.. I'm getting scared why nothing is working what's wrong ? Please help..  my problem went so far and  I  have  anal fissure anw it's not healing bcz of my constipation and I guess it's chronic because I had it 2 years ago :/ and I'm only 18:/
PS: I drink 2L of water every day
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hey again, i tried the gluten free diet but nothing changed, and now i found out what's wrong (i guess) and i'm waiting to finish my exams to go to the doctor, i have hypothyroid which is slowing my metabolism and maybe my muscles are not working right... one of those options is my problem and i'm sure the doctor will find out so let's hope that i will someday forget about this problem and problems- free
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thank you and i'm happy you found your cure, but what you need to know is that drinking only 3 glasses of water is totally insufficient! you need to drink as an average of 1.2 liter or you'll become dehydrated..
and about the meat thing you're reducing your amount of iron and protein which are essential for your hair and well being. Iron (ferritin) deficiencies may cause you hair loss, headaches, dizziness, and much more so eat a balanced diet..
thanks for sharing btw
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I feel your pain.  After struggling with similar issues for almost a year, I'm pretty much "normal" with occasional flare ups.  I avoid red meat as much as possible, take a stool softener 3X a week, eat 3 prunes every other day and 3 dried apple rings on the other days.  I drink 3 glasses of water a day and eat a banana daily.  I have also cut food portions.  What works for one person may not work for another.  There is a tea called "Smooth Move" that contains henna.  It is great for those tough times when constipation seems to have moved in to stay.  Hope you find something that works for you.
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You're welcome - yeah I hope you figure it out.. this sort of thing can really put your life on hold (like it has me.. sadly...school..dating..)

anyway - *IF* gluten is bothering your or dairy it's a life thing... but there's ways to get around it I mean you can go out and buy gluten free products, gluten free vitamins but you're right...short term your diet/vitamins is going to take a hit... but long term you can find other solutions like gluten free rice milk/flaxseed milk or whatever to make up for the loss...and who knows maybe it's just cheese but not milk that gives you issues...*shrugs*

It's all trial and error for now sadly :S  anyway you're welcome!
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Thank you I appreciate your advice, I hope it will finally help me with my problem..
I will try the dairy/gluten free diet but it's so difficult I'll do my best! But how long should I stay on this diet ? Did you stop it?
This diet is poor, no calcium(=no vit D), no vitamins ...
And thanks again.
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well amy, I'll save you the drill all the gastro specialists will tell you since I blew thousands on them... they'll just basically say "fiber! water! see me in 30 days!"

I also have IBS-C and it's trial and error time..basically you're now sherlock holmes trying to figure out what the body wants and needs.

I finally figured out that gluten, and fructose were my culprits so you might want to try going gluten free at least or take out all dairy since dairy naturally causes constipation...

The things that DID work.. eventually but I still don't feel totally regular was...

Ground up flaxseed, 1-3 tablespoons soaked in a glass overnight..

Benefiber - thouroughly soaked/absorbed in a glass (1 1/2 teaspoons right now.. key is starting super low)

Miralax - I can't take this because i'm fructose intolerant BUT many others have had success and it's safe to take long term...

Vitamin C - take too much and you get IBS-D but some people use it...

I have a hunch your now intolerant to something and you don't realize it... because I was the same way, I was drinking water and eating fiber like a man man and nothing helped.. wasn't until I stopped eating oatmeal and anything containing gluten and diary is when finally relief happened but it took time...also taking too much fiber is just like not eating any fiber.. it's a real tough balance... I ate popcorn and quinoa and various other high fiber foods and lots of water and all it did is give me the world's worst constipation...

so you have to start slow, like minor doseage and avoid those gluten/dairy types and see what happens.  Above all avoid those laxatives because they can cause long term damage and make your colon lazy and dependent on them (which is not what you want...)

also starchy foods can give you problems like potato's..potato chips..white rice..

anyway just some ideas but I'd try miralax or benefiber or BOTH and take those items out of your diet for a week or two and see what happens :)

Goood luck :S
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