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gallbladder complications

I had my gall bladder removed on October 22, I complained once of a pain in my upper abdomen and the doctors told me it had to come out! I really regret taking it out!! It is now 3 month after surgery and I have a very stange pain where my gallbladder was and the pain shoots down my whole right side of my stomache every so ofter? could this pain be linked to my surgery? if somthing did go wrong with my surgery would syptoms wait 3 months to surface? is that possible?
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what is your diet like?  you need to not eat anything fried or hi fat content. the gall bladder used to hold the bile to be released when fats were eaten but now it just goes right throiugh probably causing y ou the pain. take it easy on the foods and eat lots of fiber and drink lots of water.
Love Venora
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verona was correct .  Dies is a major componenet try liver cleanisng to reduce pressure.  Your liver now has to make, move and store bile.  The build up can cause GB symptoms.  Get on line and look up liver tinctures and cleanses you will be happy
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Join the club, I get the same thing!..Bile is no joke either, so all I do is drink plenty of water, and make sure there's a bathroom around..
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You are not the only one I have these symptoms and for me. I got mine out in 2018 and wished I didn't get it removed.
Hi Mary1415, nice to hear from you although I wish you had better news.  Can you share more?  I want to hear what is going on with you to compare to others.
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