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(tmi) Bad diarrhea for a few days; didn't seem like food poisoning/flu?

Tuesday night I had a pretty bad case of D. It came on about three hours after eating at a Jersey Mike's and I also drank more than normal--not alcohol, just a small Starbucks tea, two bottles of water and a coke zero.

If I over-consume, D is very normal for me, but it's very brief. However, I was in-out the bathroom for a little over two days with watery, severe D. I don't have that unless there's something really wrong. I couldn't even eat a bowl of oatmeal and bananas the first day; I stuck to water and pedialyte for the remainder of its duration. As of Friday it appears to have cleared and I was able to stomach some applesauce, crackers, and a banana, so I'm trying to gradually build my diet.

I had no vomiting or cramps, and I may have had a fever for a brief time (I was warm when I woke up the first day) and I woke up in a cold sweat the next day as well (been sleeping fine since though), so I'm not sure if I had food poisoning, but it seems unlikely to me.

I should also note that I've been under a ton of stress too. A very close family member passed away and a lot has been on my mind; my stools have been already on the loose end but nothing as abnormal as this. Is it possible my recovery was slower because of the stress I'm going through?

(I put this under IBS because stress has always triggered my bowels, which if I'm not mistaken is a symptom, although I'm not sure if this exact situation is IBS-related)
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