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Can being dehdrated cause higher creatnie and microalbvmin numbers

Walked five miles before blood test creatnie # went from 1.24 last reading to1.61 this last reading ( gfr of 44. My microalbvmin level went from 15 to 564 wow is this due to dehdration. Thanks
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Want to add I am a 62 year old male with well controlled diabetes a1c of 5.9 lost 20 pounds since last blood work 7 months ago.. Gfa was 60. I am in the best shape that i have been for years . doctor wants to do recheck in two months.
Also no foam in urine .
One more thing started taking tricor six months ago, could that be part of the reason both numbers went uo?
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Yes, dehydration causes a higher creatinine reading.  
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