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Confusion Related to Toxins in Blood

Hi everyone.  My siblings and I are quite confused and could use some guidance.  We have an 86 year old sister who has kidneys that were functioning at about 20-25%.  She was in the hospital having dialysis on Tues, Thurs and Sat.  My niece (her daughter) said that as the time got closer to her needing dialysis, she became more and more confused and then after dialysis, became clear headed again.  We do understand this is due to the toxins building and then dialysis cleaning the blood.  

Approximately 10 days ago, she decided to discontinue dialysis and went home with hospice.  Her last dialysis was 2 weeks ago today.  My niece says that she’s been extremely confused and making no sense at all.  However, today our brother called her and found her to be making perfect sense and being quite logical.

Is it possible that confusion from the toxins can come and go?  We find OURSELVES being confused over this.

Thanks so much for any insight you can give us
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Delirium refers to a change in mental function characterized by confusion and/or disorientation. Causes include infection, medications, and/or organ failure (end-stage kidney disease in your sister's case). Symptoms can fluctuate during the day, often becoming worse during the afternoon and evening.
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