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Detailed Food List Needed, for Pre-Dialysis

73 year old well controled diabetic, with kidney insufficency. BUN -45, Creatinine-2.07,EGFR-32.0, Potassium -5.7
I am looking for a comprehensive listing  of foods high in Potassium to avoid.
What foods are safe to eat, that will not raise my Potassium ???
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Go to www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/foodcomp You can download software from there that allows you to type in the food you are interested in and a nutritional window will pop up with extensive caloric and mineral statistics. You can also google "renal diet" and there are many links to high potassium and phosphorus foods
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You can also buy a renal cookbook.  They are really informative, and can teach you how to get the proper nutrition for a person with kidney disease.  I learned a lot from mine. I got one from Amazon.com. Good Luck!
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