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Horseshoe kidney

My sone is 6 with a horseshoe kidney,  His MRI showed secondary (had an MRI due to back pain and excess spacing in lower discs)  distended bladder, horseshoe kidney, fluid around kidney and bladder and a cyst.  We followed up with a urologist who did an ultrasound without contrast, and said very abruptly " he has a horseshoe kidney what are you even here for?"  follow up in 1 year with an ultrasound.  I tried to ask about the fluid, along with the fact that my son has intermittant fevers (no other symptoms) chronic stomach and back pain.  The answer I got was this would not be the cause of any of that.  He then explained that after seeing the ultrasound his ureters were fine.  After getting a copy of ther report I see "left ureter not visualized" right ureter not visualized"  not sure if he was making it up but my real concern is the fluid around his organs and his pain.  Any advice?
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Hi I am a 15 year old girl with terrible stomach pain and getting worse. I have had this pain my whole life but the last 3 years it's getting really hard to live with. I just recently found out I had horseshoe kidneys. Can you describe your sons stomach pain, and what is being done to help that.
While it probably feels good to get an answer to your pain and symptoms, I am sorry that you found out you have horseshoe kidneys.  They could potentially do surgery but many people opt for treating symptoms.  Are you seeing a urologist?  Children's hospitals would probably be best. This is something that happens in the womb, so they see a lot of children dealing with the issues surrounding having horseshoe kidneys.  Things like treating blocked urine flow, backwards flowing urine are common issues with the condition and both are treatable with surgery.  So, you'll want to work with your doctor (and your parents) to find out why you have pain specifically and come up with a treatment plan.
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