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How did I susrvive methanol poisoning?

Last year in April, I was in a psychotic state and thought it would be cheaper and more effective to drink windshield washer fluid that contained methanol/isopropanol. I was drinking it for 5 days before someone noticed in my college and took me to hospital.

The doctors said I had 3000mg/L of methanol in my blood and was lucky I didn't go blind, get kidney failure or die. Here is an image below of my blood report.


I've read that isopropanol blocks alcohol dehydrogenase from metabolising methanol into formic acid, its toxic metabolite but my chart showed no isopropyl alcohol, only methanol, ethylene glycol and diethylene glycol
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This is sad to read.  Did you get help for the reason why you were taking such drastic action?  I sure sure hope so.  You matter.  You have loved ones.  Life to live and depression should never be left unattended to wreak this kind of havoc in us. So, what have you done to treat the depression.

Your method was wow, a lot to handle.  Yes, surprised you don't have a situation left after that to deal with.  Kidney damage and blindness are two of the long term side effects of methanol poisoning.  But you aren't blind, right?  And you have had kidney function testing and all is well?  Miracles happen.  And I am glad you received one.  

How's life now?  Better?  
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