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I need help! Someone that I care a great deal about was diagnosed with Kidney Disease December 2014. He has been on a regimen of Chemotherapy (200mg daily) for the past year to cure his condition. For those that do not understand what Kidney Disease is... His own antibodies are rejecting his own protein in his blood vessels. The protein is being release from his blood vessels and being eliminated through his urine. Because he does not have enough protein in his blood vessels his blood vessels are releasing water from his blood. This water is being released into his body which is making his entire body swell (he is retaining a lot of fluids throughout his entire body). His Kidney specialist has been doing blood panels and watching his progress which unfortunately hasn't been good. His protein loss has fluctuated throughout the entire year and has never gone below the original test results of 3400. His last protein count has been 4400 a month ago. His results have gone as high as 13000. Just to give you an idea a person should have 0 protein in their urine at any given time. His creatine is high,  RDW SD is high, and his protein is high (tested by urine and blood). Most everything else is beyond low (calcium, lymphocyte, hematocrit, albumin levels, neutrophil, hemoglobin). He is throwing up daily. He now has a persistent cough (which doctors cannot figure out why). He can't climb the stairs to go to bed without needing his oxygen once he gets up there. His circulation has worsen over the past year. He has spent most of the last year laying on the sofa or in bed because he has no energy, is nauseated all the time (meds don't seem to change anything), he is in pain all the time (legs, back, muscles, joints, etc), and he seems to run out of oxygen easily (he uses oxygen at night now and we need to talk to doctor about getting a portable tank for when he has to leave the house. He is constantly bloated and has bowel problems from one extent to the other. He has been on a no salt, no onion, no garlic, no soda diet for a year. He uses a treadmill a few time daily (about 10 minutes each time). The doctors try to reassure us that none of the medications can be the cause to any of his growing conditions but he had none of these problems a year ago other than some bloating and achy legs or at least not as bad as they have gotten. He is at the point of losing himself. As he puts it he is about to crack. He has cried in my arms out of frustration and weakness and I have never seen this man cry (he is a roughneck contractor). He has had two Kidney biopsies both resulting in a healthy Kidney. The doctor has said that blood transfusions and dialysis is not an option right now because his Kidneys are healthy. He is 62 years old. PLEASE... if you or anyone you know can help us PLEASE contact us. He cannot live like this anymore. He lives to take pills and that is no life. His hope is fading and his depression is starting to take over. Please forward this to as many people as you can. I pray someone can help us immediately before he gives up his fight. PLEASE help us. Thank you for your time.
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Hi, I am not sure why anyone would be placed on chemo for kidney disease? I would be interested in knowing your friend's BUN and GFR rates. If his dr is saying his kidneys are healthy, and your friend does not concur, then he can get a second opinion. Invasive procedures such as dialysis and transplants are possible options for those with no kidney function. I wish you both luck!!! It sounds like something else is contributing to your friend's symptoms. I would get 2nd and 3rd opinions to find out what else may be causing this.
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I agree that he needs to be seeing another doctor.  Everything you are saying doesn't add up.   If he has healthy kidneys, he wouldn't be spilling the protein.  I have not heard of the protein being released from the blood vessels.  The problem is his kidneys are not doing their part with the protein, and instead of going into the blood to feed the body like it should, it is being released from the damaged kidneys into the urine.  He has severe kidney damage caused by something.  The elevated creatinine signifies impaired kidney function.  If the antibodies are attacking, then that sounds like an autoimmune disease.  Obviously, he has severe anemia and no amount of iron will fix this kind.   I have never heard of chemotherapy for kidney disease or kidney damage.   I have kidney damage (kidney disease) due to an autoimmune disease.  Kidney function is at 26% now, up from 20%.  Autoimmune disease is in remission since I had all the mercury fillings removed from my teeth.  I do not nor have ever gone through what your friend is facing, even when I had the pain from the autoimmune disease and the other problems it caused.  I would suggest not only a different nephrologist but a rheumatologist.  This is serious.  Please get other help!  He shouldn't be suffering like this.
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