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I was diagnosed in 2000 with hypertension. At the time that it was diagnosed my bp was 200/120. I was put on medications. Because of the family history of hypertension as well as both of my parents' premature death caused by myocardial infarctions(before the age of 54), I was really afraid. I got me a dog, took up walking(a mile a day, every day), and completely changed my diet. I dropped from 140 pounds to 103 pounds. I am very thin, do not smoke, drink or do illegal drugs.

Still, the bp continued to go up.

I started seeing a cardiologist, Dr. Eugene Killeavy in Merritt Island, Florida(Brevard Cardiology Associates), who had tests done on me(on suspicion that I had a blockage)..and it turned out that I had a 99% stenosis of the left main renal artery. Dr. Killeavy really knows his stuff. Before I met Dr. K. I never knew that my kidneys were directly linked to my blood pressure.

In 2001 I had a stent put in my renal artery. It seemed to help with the bp for awhile. But then in the Spring of 2005 I started having left flank pain. I went to my PCP(Dr. Leon Cohen), who immediately had me undergo an ultrasound. The test revealed that my left kidney was more then twice the size of a regular kidney. I was like.. "Not again". :(

I was sent to a urologist who ran a battery of tests on me. I was then diagnosed with left URETERPELVIC JUNCTION OBSTRUCTION WITH SEVERE HYDRONEPHROSIS. The kidney was eventually drained using a catheter that ran from my kidney to my bladder. It drained very fast. A few weeks later follow-up tests revealed that the kidney stopped functioning altogether. The bp started skyrocketing and I started going in to SVT(supraventricular tachychardia). At that point I really wondered if I was going to make it to the surgery date.

I was in the ambulance and hospital 3 times in the month of September; with kidney, bp, heart and asthma problems. My doctor told me that if the kidney did not come out that the bp would continue to go up and I would eventually die of either a M.I. or a stroke. My awesome surgeon, Dr.Cohen performed a left nephrectomy via an open surgery on Halloween, 2005. It was done at Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Florida. I will be forever grateful for Dr. Cohens saving my life.

What do you think my prognosis is?  What are the chances of it happening to my right kidney? I would like to meet others who have also had a nephrectomy, and/or hydronephrosis. How did you deal with the pain and stress? How are you doing now?

Thank You,

Donna :)
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