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"Re-newing Kidney Health?"

April 18, 2008, I visited a nephrologist who indicated that I have a chronic kidney illness that will need to be monitored.  I completed some lab work recently and will be at the doctor's office in mid-July.  I asked the doctor that if I drank a soda, then would coke or mountain dew be better.  He said that coke is NOT good for the kidneys.  I seem to be drinking a large amount of sun tea--or iced tea.  Should I choose a healthier beverage when I am thirsty?  What beverages are best for the kidneys?
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Just plain drinking water-about 10-12 glasses a day- will go along way in promoting the health of your kidneys.
It helps in flushing out the toxins as well as facilitating the normal excretory function of the kidneys.
ALL sodas, including coke, contain high amounts of sugar-almost equivalent to 20 teaspoons for 200ml of the drink. THese draw water out of the body and thus tend to de-hydrate nthe body leading to the precipatation of stone formation .
Fruit and fruit juices are a good supply of the vitamins and other minerals.
TEA and coffee have a mild diuretic effect.
The healthiest you can do is to increase intake of drinking water,cut down on tea and eliminate coke altogether from your diet.
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Thank you for your comment.  Today is August 21.  I have cut way back on soda consumption but now I tend to drink iced tea (sun tea).  My next step will be to yet increase water consumption (although I did very well with water intake when I was waitressing).  I notice that now I like an occasional Sprite or 7-Up for variety from the water.  I also like lemonade and usually have a glass of milk every day.  I enjoy juices but I don't always have them in my refrigerator!  You will notice in my post today that my weight went from 163 on my April 18 nephrologist visit to 142.2 on my August 18 visit.
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