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Why do the not calculate GFR for persons over 80?

When I get my lab reports, the GFR is not included. The labs says they do not calculate GFR for persons over 80. Why is this?
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  We're glad you joined and asked this question!  Your doctor should answer this for you but in general, GFR will decline simply based on age.  There is some thought to the fact that this decline in number is related to changes in kidney function rather than actual kidney damage.  There is worry that the GFR is not as accurate as they'd like in elderly (over 80) populations. Did they do an eGRF?
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No. They did not. But I have the National kidney foundation formula for eGFR and have been calculating it myself.  My kidney was damaged by a prostate surgery gone bad. The bladder bled out, necrosed, and ureteers blocked which caused uriine to not leave the kidneys  and caused the kidney disease. Since that happen several years ago my creatinine has held steady at 1.8 .
I'm sorry about the medical misadventure which is the legal term for a surgical botch.  That's truly unfortunate.  I commend you for being so on top of it all and with your paying close attention, I think you are in a better position to preserve your function.  Generally, many people have a natural decline in GFR and it doesn't always mean kidney damage but with your history, I'm a little surprised they don't go ahead and get this information for you.  Would your doctor be open to your asking for it?
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