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cysts on kidney

What causes them? and can they cause symptoms? I have been telling my doctor for about 3 years now that I have discomfort, dull aching and pressure in my right kidney area. It wasn't till recently when I had some bleeding that I got some tests done.
I had a CT scan last week, and this week a cystoscopy. The Urologist said I'm okay. The CT scan showed "several small cysts on the right kidney" none of them are over 1.5 cm. Dr said it's "normal". Is it coincidence that it's on the same side that's been bothering me?
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1) Find out from your urologist where on the "Bosniak Chart" your cyst is. It's a chart that ranges from 1-4 and let's you know the relative severity of your cyst load/case.
2) Many people go their entire life with a renal cust and never know they even have it.
3) If your urologist offers it as an option, renal cyst-decortication is an option.

I have a constant 3-5 pain level from my cyst load, and it's a pain to deal with (pardon the pun).

Mine came about as a result of 100's of traumatic procedures for stone removal, and being blasted by x-rays, ct's & mri's repeatedly over the last 20 years.

Good luck to you.
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