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kidney stone and infection pls help

Hello, I'm 20 years female. On 22 May I was diagnosed with a kidney stone and kidney infection after two months of urinary symptoms on and off. 22 May I started taking stone medicines and antibiotics for an infection I felt better for two weeks almost and the symptoms came back again I went back to the doctor at 31 May to check the stones again he told me only one left and the infection is still there. The doctor gave me another course of antibiotics Cipro for 10 days I finished the course I still have the frequent urination symptom and it's really really annoying I'm crying all the time I wanted to commit suicidal because of this I'm an anxious person and my fear is interstitial cystitis. I don't know if I passed the last stone or the infection is gone I wanted to check again with the doctor but I have my period Im really scared that this will never go the urge is so bad I can't sleep well "( help me what to do !!?? is it because of stone or what Im depressed I can't continue my normal life like this please any help !!!!
My fear is interstitial cystitis Im too young, everything was fine but now '(
the kidney infection the stone what if the urge stay ...  my urine split into streams also
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So sorry to hear you are so unwell with this.   Continue to go back to your Dr to get more antibiotics for your infection if it is still active.   Hopefully you will feel better when your kidney stone eventually go.   I am going to ask for your post to go to another forum as you have posted in a vaginal prolapse forum
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