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left flank pain?

I have had left flank pain for 4 days now, it feels like a stabbing pain. I thought it was that i was passing a kidney stone.  i have been drinking tons of water because i read that this would help the passage of the kidney stone, but i am not sure it takes this long?  Other symptoms i have are diarrhea and fatigue.  Do you think it is still this or should i start thinking about a pancreatic disease?  i do not have insurance so i was trying to avoid going to the doctor? what do you think?
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How are you? Aside from a kidney stone, flank pain may also be due to other kidney problems such as  kidney infection or abscess; spinal arthritis, disk disease or even muscle spasm. Treatment will depend on the underlying cause. For muscle spasm, rest, physical therapy, and exercise may provide relief. However, if it is an infection, antibiotic management may be indicated. If it persists, have this evaluated further for proper management. Direct clinical examination and some tests may help determine the  cause.Take care and best regards.
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