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low GFR

My recent lab work showed  a GFR of 59
Creat. 1.2
BUN 25
HBA1C 6.8
MONOS 11.7
SEGS 48.6
Viteman D 25 HYDROXY 18

I wanting to know if i am haveing  a kidney problem
I am a trpe 2 Dibetic. / history of CAD and high blood pressure.
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Well it certainly appears that your diabetes and hbp are affecting your kidneys. Your GFR isnt horrible but you don't want it to continue dropping. Are you seeing a nephrologist? Make sure you see a kidney dr and that he knows all of the meds youre taking-even over the counter. Avoid any ibuprofen or any anti inflammatories as these are hard on the kidneys. You really need to make sure your diabetes and hbp are under control also. Your creatine is slightly high but not horrible. Again, you dont want this to keep rising. See a specialist ASAP.
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I think that level of GFR puts you at high end of Stage 3 kidney disease or at the low end of stage 2. Mine is 54 and I am stage 3. It means you have approximately 59% of your kidney function. You have a lot of risk factors so I would start taking care of your kidneys now. Low salt diet, avoid potassium rich foods like potatoes and tomatoes and dark colored pop - except rootbeer is okay, and keep your protein moderate (no more protein than the size of your closed fist - two times a day). (if you google you can find the whole list). And keeping your high blood pressure under control. If you haven't already an appointment with a nephrologist may be in order. Here they have a clinic that specifically deals with diabetic, high blood pressure, kidney disorder patients. One stop shopping! They may have something similar where you live.
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