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protein in kidneys,neuropathy,adreinal insuffiencey, plus autoimmune disorders

My medical history is very complex, with various issues overlapping.  I have been dealing with these problems since 1997.  I have Raynaud's, adrenial insuffiencey(cortisol), hypertension, high chloseterol that goes back to normal ever so often. Very sensative to sun, or bright lights, get migranes alot. Have had the same sinus/upper respiratory infection since 03/09.  Protein in urine through the years, now protein over flowing from kidneys.  I have seizures, but not eppilectic, arthritis but it is spreading and worsening. Livedo Reticulits but idiopathic to some underlying cause. Prone to chronic bronchitis, and pneumonia. Loss of pottasium, calcium(osteopeina) getting worse, magnesium, and sodium. Been on Cortef since 1999, which is a steriod hormone. I have had the Bence Jones Protein show up and been down that road.  Irregular BUN creatine tests, and anti-hemoglobin. But when ANA tests are run, comes back ok.  My doctors say my medical history is too much for one doctor to handle, so I see several specialists in group, but they do not communicate amongst each other.  I for once would like to know what this underlying disease is whether it is Lupus, or that my body has never been able to process proteins properly, or they have even suggested MS a few times. I just know I am getting sicker, always fatigued, can't sleep properly, have had abnormal tests for years, and no diagnosis.Please someone help. I can now feel it literally affecting my brain and cognative skills.
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almost same here
sweating hands and feets from childhood, also cold hands and feets very sensitive hands to sun also to water
sinositus from 4 years back very sensitive nose running nose brightness especially sun
develped lumbar spondylosis follewed by nerve sensation in right knees
stressed and very emotional sleeping disorders
i am just 24 now and had been very frustrated and unsuccessful because of this problems
due to the same problem i am not able to concentrate in anything very nervous and remains frigthened
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