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stage 3 kidney disease

I am a 56 years old and have been non-insulin dependent for about ten years.  Up until a year ago, my blood work was fine but all of a sudden, my kidney numbers were out of whack.  My GP was not worried at the time but after a year of blood tests and one kidney ultrasound (which showed a couple of cysts but no damage), I have been diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease.  How the heck does this happen so quickly?  My numbers in brief are Bun of 22, creatinine of 1.38 and GFR of 40.  None of my doctors as of yet have any kind of treatment plan but what should I be doing on my own?   I think I'm still pretty much in denial over this.
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CKD3 is already a chronic kidney disease. You really should pay attention to this problem. If kidney disease cannot be treated in time, you can only dialysis or change kidneys or use traditional Chinese medicine for treatment.
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