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why my urine is carrying blood whenever i eat fried or heavy food ?

I was in Dubai and staying is hostel . I was using shared toilet for 2 months and i experienced severe back pain. But whenever i stand in shower n put hot water on the exact spot where the pain is, the pain goes. I dont know whether it was a kidney stone pain or back pain. I have noticed that whenever i go to toilet for urinate, ,there some redness in my urine. Now if i eat something fried or heavy meal, then my urine becomes reddish like there is some blood in urine. My age is 34+
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If you feel colicky renal pain, you should do a renal color Doppler ultrasound to check your kidney and ureter to see if there is kidney stones or ureter stones, impaction of a stone at any of these sites causes severe pain, known as renal colic, usually felt in the abdomen or side, and often tracking down to the groin
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