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Blood in urine - Results inside

36 year old male. History of HTN. Surgical history if kidney stent placement, lithotripsy, and stent removal Jan 2021. No meds (controlling BP with weight loss, exercise, and diet). Family history of bladder cancer (grandmother), HTN (everyone), and BPH (father). No problems after lithotripsy and stent removal.

6 weeks ago I noticed blood in my urine with bowel movements. A week later I started to have blood in my urine after voiding. I would void and then maybe 5-10 seconds after finishing, I would have 10-20 drops of blood with the occasional clot.

Urinalysis showed microscopic blood, C&S no infection. CT, ultrasound, and x-ray were negative. Had a cystoscopy today, didn't show anything. My urologist ordered a cytology test in 6 weeks. No burning with urination. Some urgency. Some pelvic pressure. Stream seems a little weak.

Any ideas that we might be missing here? I'm hoping to see my PCP in the coming weeks. Any tests we should be looking at?

Any further info, please ask.
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