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CT Scan shows calcium deposits in both kidneys.

What started off as testing to check for potential Gallbladder illness, has led me to this. I just recently had a CT w/ oral and IV contrast done, which showed "small amounts of calcium" in both of my kidneys. I've been referred to a urologist, and will meet with them soon, but what does this mean? I've read about Nephrocalcinosis, which is a bit of a concern...but I'd rather not start self diagnosing.

I've had two sets of blood work done (Checked Bilrubin, lipase, CBC, etc), a Urine test (Just a dipstick...the nurses "forgot" to send out my urine sample for analysis), an Ultrasound (For Gallbladder/Pancrease areas), and now the CT scan.

The basic symptoms are: Pain on and off all throughout abdomen (Started under right ribs, moved to lower back on both sides, under both shoulder blades, etc; Pain is focused mainly lower back and below shoulder blades now), intermittent cases of diarrhea/badly formed stool, stomach discomfort, occasional headaches (may be anxiety related vs kidney/gb). I did have quite a few particles IN my urine as well; almost all were nearly clear, with some darker white and some almost brownish, but after upping my water consumption, they don't seem prevalent anymore. I also noticed a lot of "bubbles" in the toilet bowl after urinating. Those too seem to have dwindled somewhat.

The crazy part of my brain naturally expects the worst, which is a horrible way of thinking and causes some serious anxiety on my part, but the calm part of my brain is having trouble really figuring out what's going on.

Has anybody else had any experience with similar events? I would be open to hearing any and all stories.
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How is it going now?  I've been following your posts because the discomfort you described sounds so much like what I am experiencing.  The only thing you didn't mention that I have is acid reflux.  My doctor is currently treating me for the acid reflux to see if that helps the discomfort.  I have not had a recent ct scan or anything to check my gallbladder, but my doctor doesn't think gallbladder.  Foods don't bother me and my stool is normal..except for some weeks I don't go enough and I have to force myself to drink a sufficient amount of water.  I have a history of kidney stones..so when I read that your discomfort ended up being something with the kidneys, now I'm wondering if that's what i have going on.  My discomfort will begin up high between my ribs, but slightly to the right and extend down the right side of my belly button and into my pelvic area.  It seems to be in a straight line and just feels like something under there is inflamed.  It's not pain..but it is annoying.  Also, I'm worried that if it is a stone of some sort -gallbladder or kidney- that any minute it could turn into excruitiating pain.  I know what kidney stone pain feels like when a stone moves from personal experience and I've heard that gallstone pain feels similar...and I don't want either one! ;)  

Anyway...I was just wondering how it is going with you?

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Well, the information from my doctor arrived, and the urologist will seeing me for "Nephrocalcinosis" , which Is what I feared. Hopefully something can be done to prevent furthering the problem.
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