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Flat Worms in Urine?

Hello- I live in the US and have recently been urinating what looks like worms, or parasites- I took photos of it- could you please take a look and tell me what you think it might be? I've urinated several smaller ones since passing these larger ones, which are around 5 inches in length or so- here is the photo:
The color red was from the worm put into water- the worm was almost black when i saw it- but after being in water for a day- the blood came out of it and it was this pale color- The ones i continue to pass (which are a lot smaller- under 2 inches) are also black- then they go pale like the one on photo
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  I'm sure worms in your urine are very disconcerting and we encourage you or anyone with this issue to seek medical attention.  While this is thankfully not common to pass worms or parasites via urine, it can happen.  https://www.cdc.gov/parasites/schistosomiasis/disease.html  Had you been swimming in fresh water prior to this? https://www.medicinenet.com/schistosomiasis/article.htm

Please see your doctor and update us.
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I did get it test6ed- and turns out the report states "Non Parasitic Material". So my question is, what could it possibly be? I have large kidney stones, one was 15mm that dropped down into the ureter- somehow- so I'm wondering if it's possible that the stones are ripping out veins? The photo i posted here- shows a structure that is around 3-4 inches long- (Too large to be Schistomosa I believe)- and I can't really tell from the photo (I wish I'd taken more careful photos), but it looks like both ends are open if you enlarge the photo with the magnifying glass to the right of the photo- so I'm thinking it must be a couple of veins? I can't find anything on the net about urinating veins- I don't know- I'll be seeing a urologist after all the tests come back and confirm whether or not it's  a parasite-  
ok, passed a bunch of these today-- along with coca cola colored blood- even passed soem at the hospital- they didn't even look at the specimens, but just at the dark urine- I showed them a photo of the subjects, and their response was 'These are what we call 'Casts'- so i looked up casts, and casts are microscopic and look like hotdogs- what I am passing are 4-5 inches long, look like worms and blood clots- I can't seem to get any answers to what they could be- there's nothing online that looks even close to it except for some photos they labelled as being 'rope worms' but when I look up rope worms, you can tell they don't look anything like them- Icouldn't get the hospital to send it out to be tested to see what exactly it is- They sent me home and said 'keep an eye on it' and 'if you begin throwing up, get a fever, call us immediately'- I've now passed about 15 of these- and it burns and hurts when they pass- plus i get quite a bit of blood- the toilet is always dark cola colored- I dunno what to do next?
I think it's time for a second opinion.  The fact that it is dark blood (instead of bright red blood) is an indication that the problem is "up the line" - as in, not in your bladder.  It may be due to the kidney stone.  It wouldn't rip out your veins, but it could be scratching and causing the bleeding.  Continuous bleeding like you're describing warrants further examination.  I'd be persistent because it doesn't seem like you're getting proper care.  
thanks, i have both dark blood  and bright red blood- sometimes it'll even be a mix, coming out dark like cola, then towards the end of relieving, it turns  red- like fresh blood- I'm gonna call the urologist today I guess- but the fact that the hospital didn't seem concerned doesn't bode well for getting seen it seems- the urologist is at the hospital- I've been passing these things, whatever they are, probably blood clots- that look suspiciously like worms- for 2 days steady now- I must have over 20 now- plus a bunch of what is clearly blood clots- small round clots, about an inch or so in diameter- something is not right- I just don';t know how concerned i should be over it- I don't even know if the kidney stone is still there- woulda been nice to find that out at least so i could say "Ok- just the stone causing the bleeding and the long things are likely just clots-, no big deal" But my goodness, the photo i posted in the link in first post- sure doesn't look like a clot- to me anyways- and I have a bunch of those now- Oh well, I'll call the uro and try to get appointment sometime soon-- see what they think- meanwhile I've collected the whatever they are, keeping them in fridge till appointment- yuck- I also have another stone, they tell me it's 17mm in the right kidney- This was about 1 month ago they scanned me- so i suppose that could be causing the darker cola colored urine- my worry is that i have mild kidney damage, hope these stones aren't making it worse- If i eventually find out what it is- I'll post back- it's a mystery at this pointp0 probably blood clots- just wierd that they look like the photo i posted link to-
took a bunch to another urologist- they said it looked weird, but thought it was blood clots taking on the shape of the ureter- possibly skin cells being scraped off by the large stone forming in the ureter- I asked them to please send it out for analysis as it would seem to me a blood clot would easily fall apart if handled, ie squeezing it pressing on it to see if it would break etc-, these do not- it's almost like they are made of a tough tissue- and do not fall apart easily- I dunno where to send them if nothing comes from the analysis, which i kinda suspect won't happen- noone seems to know what they are- the urologist said she thought it was clots, but it was very unusual in texture, and puzzling- she even had another doc  look at them- he didn't know either- I did get a Cat Scan to see if the stone is still in ureter and one in the kidney- haven't got results yet- kidney is still swollen though i found out- nothing alarming though- If i find out anything, I post here- but for now I'm stumped- it's probably blood clots- but there is still some doubt as to what they are-  it's just weird that a clot would look like the photo i posted- looks more liek a form of a parasite- but I don't see any mouth parts or segments or anything- Uggh- oh well-
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