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Hi , i am hypertension history My cteatinine level 1.38, albumine + ???

Hi , i am hypertension history  for last 4 year My cteatinine level 1.29, albumine +++  and the doctor give me the drug that is telmisaratanHCT and tell me return after 2 week so i come back on that day and test same analysis the 2nd result is my creatinine lev, 1.38 and albumine lev, + finally why creatinine is still high and i am so confisuion???
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Your creatinine is still high because you likely have chronic kidney disease from the hypertension. The Telmisartan-HCTZ that was given will not make your creatinine low, it is to treat your hypertension and prevent further damage to your kidneys. It is also possible you have some protein in your urine which the Telmisartan helps to reduce. Also, Telmisartan can cause a slight increase in your creatinine but it is usually not a very significant increase. I will not lie, kidney diseases are a bit complicated and you have to develop a rapport with your doctor which will allow you to ask these difficult questions.

All the best.
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Hi FurianBull tnks alot i get same clear point from ur answer. Just i ask u one question so final what can i do to sustained my hope or lifetime  and u advised me and i take action or preventing method early pls i am worried
You are welcome nebiyu. Somethings I believe you can do to prevent further damage to the kidneys include:

1. Keeping your blood pressure under control.
2. Not taking NSAIDs such as Ibuprofen, Indomethacine, Meloxicam etc.
3. Keeping yourself hydrated especially when in the sun.
4. Talking to your doctors about any new medication your are starting even herbal medicines.

I hope this helps a little.

Take care
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