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How likely is it to pass 2 kidney stones?

First off, I have a long history of kidney stones. During the process of passing a kidney stone, I ALWAYS experience a few hours of intense pain. Once the pain goes away it does not occur again and I pass the stone within a week. This time was different. I had that initial few hours of intense pain, but then a day or so later I experienced the pain again. I ended up passing a kidney stone 2 1\2 weeks ago, but I am still experiencing almost constant pressure on my right side with some slight pain. The pressure is in the front, which usually happens after the stone has passed from my kidney to my bladder. What is worrying me is I have never passed 2 stones this close together. It has also never taken me longer than a week to pass a stone that has moved to the bladder. How likely is it that a stone could take weeks to pass if it has already moved from the kidney to the bladder?
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depends- you've probably passed it already- but for future reference, it just depends o n the size- it's also possible that the stone passed but left some slight damage on it's way out- and that might be the pain you have-
I've passed stones and had it still hurt for days- then it clears up and I'm fine till nevxt stone- I've had stones cause only minor discomfort, then mediocre discomfort, then intense- some last for a couple hours, some about 8 hours, but some go as long as 50+ hours and still not pass- drops back into kidney- yuck- I had one that was 17 mm that wouldn't pass- a neighbor had one that was 6 CM- Yes, CM- and it passed for him- and he said it wasn't extremely painful- (His doc had put him on flomax- but I've been on that and it didn't really seem to help)
If you keep havign the pain, you'll need to go get a CT scan to determine how large it is- could be stuck, and causing hte pain- the large one i had passed into front, but got stuck and caused all kinds of issues- weird weird blood clots kept coming out that looked like long worms- it was weird- docs had no real explanation- IF you want to see what it looked like- you can check it out here- but it's kinda gross- looks like a worm in a cup, and i had tons of them but apparently it was just blood cells that formed i nthe shape of the urethra and passed- https://hosting.photobucket.com/albums/0903/Nazareth/0605191245b_zpsxhrbgeby.jpg I don't know how to post it here- so link only-

Anyways- kidney stones are awful and there's just no way of telling how long the pain will last- if hte pain won't stop for a long time, then you need to get it checked with CT scan- I think ultrasound can sometimes pick them up too- and is safer than CT scans- so that should be your first test- Soem types of stones don't show up on CT scans- the type i had didn't- but slightly showed up on regular XRay-

Tip- stay away from salty snacks if you get lots of stones- stay away from thignsl iek spinach, swiss chard, rhubarb, salty cold cuts, potatos chocolate etc- they can all form stones- dependes on what type of stones you have though- save oen and take to your doctor for analysis
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Sounds painful!  How is it now?  Passed?  you can pass 2 at once or perhaps this is a bigger than usual one for you?  Update us!
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There is no crystal ball to predict when a kidney stone will pass.
It depends on various factors, including size, shape, and location.

Stones smaller than 4 mm pass spontaneously 80% of the time (average of 31 days).
Stones that are 4–6 mm pass spontaneously 60% of the time (average of 45 days).
Stones larger than 6 mm pass spontaneously 20% of the time (average of 1 year).

Source: https://www.healthline.com/health/kidney-health/how-long-to-pass-kidney-stone
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