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I fear that I may have CKD Stage 1 or 2

In my life, I haven't been as conscious as my body and health before until recently. I just saw my nails getting discolored similarly to Terry's Nails, then I took a blood test and urinalysis, all seems normal but when I calculated my eGFR (Pediatric Bedside-Schwartz Equation) it shows that I have stage 2 CKD at 89% function. Also, I don't know why but all the urinalysis I took cannot detect protein in my pee even though I see, sometimes, foam in my urine (sometimes it is really a lot). Also, I just took an ultrasound (KUB and Prostate) and the results are completely normal. Could I have CKD? And should I seek help from a nephrologist? I am really scared because I know that the damage done to my kidneys is permanent. I think being an obese person, I should just lose weight and change my lifestyle.
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So, you have brought your concerns to your doctor?  Your primary care doctor should be your starting place.  They has you do the blood test and urinalysis?  What did they say about your results?  When we, non medical people, try to interpret results or diagnose ourselves, it can go all wrong.  Best to let the doctor you see do that.  Here's an article on Terry's Nails which started your concern.  https://www.healthline.com/health/terrys-nails#causes  Does your doctor agree that the presentation of your nails is similar to this?  There are other things that can cause it.  Things like type 2 diabetes, liver issues, etc.  You have no other symptoms of anything?  How old are you, if I may ask?  If you are obese, I'd think perhaps having your sugar checked looking for type 2 diabetes or prediabetes would make sense.  It is always a good idea to lose weight as that will improve your overall health. I'd again, ask a doctor to OK your exercise plan and diet if you start one.  But start by cutting out one thing. That can be a good jumping off point. And also, intermittent fasting can be helpful. Stop eating after dinner say at 6:30 and do not eat again until morning the next day. Keep yourself properly hydrated.  
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I'm not from the US so it's kinda hard to seek medical attention since healthcare is not free and it's quite expensive. I already told my dermatologist about my nails but he said that it was not discolored just dry. Regarding type 2 Diabetes, he also included acanthosis nigricans in his working impression which is a symptom of pre or type 2 Diabetes so I may have it without my knowledge. Also, my family has a history of hypertension and I think I already have it at my age of 17. But my dermatologist noted that I may have hyperthyroidism so I should get tested for it but the test is hella expensive.
So yeah, I just want to seek help but it's impossible especially during this pandemic. It's driving me down, and I feel kinda sad, hopeless, and heartbroken that I knowingly f’ed up my health through the years.
Hey there.  Wanted to reach out to you.  Let me know how you are doing now.  Is there any improvement?
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