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Is it possible to give someone a kidney but have it back when they die?

I know this must sound like an odd question but my uncle who is in his 70s is stuck having dialysis 3 times a week because his kidneys do not work any more. He feels trapped because he cannot go anywhere without having to arrange places where he can have dialysis done.

I would consider giving him one of my kidneys but I am also trying to think of the basic truth that he is already in his 70s. If he had one of my kidneys then he would be free of the dialysis and would be able to enjoy his final years. When he does finally die, could the kidney be transplanted back into me. Also, because the kidney originally came from me, would that mean that I would not need anti rejection drugs?

I am not a doctor so forgive me if this is a very naive question.
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No, the kidney cannot be transplanted back into you. Once you give someone your kidney, one cannot get it back.
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