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Is something going on with my kidneys?

My name is Lisa. I am 45 y/o. I was dx w/ SS in April 2016 via a barbaric lip bx. I was sero-negative. I'm not 100% sure my lip bx was read right but that's another story for another time. I am on 200 mg Plaquenil BID & Evoxac 30 mg TID.

I have been sailing along nicely until recently. I went to Nashville the end of April, for 3 days  But after we got home (starting around the first of May) I started having pain in both my hands. All 9 of my fingers hurt & both of my thumbs hurt! And the days my fingers don't hurt both of my thumbs are hurting. Or both of my wrists are hurting. And when my fingers, thumbs & wrists aren't hurting I feel the bones in both my lower arms start aching, like from the inside.

I bruise very easily, get the chills while I'm covered up (with no fever that I can tell), deal with fatigue (but that is more than likely from my SS). My fingers, wrists & my abdomen seem to swell, never really noticed my ankles swelling, but never really paid attention. Especially since I have no BP problems & have no heart problems at all.

My Rheumy is in Jonesoro AR (just shy of 2 hours away from me one way) so I started seeing a new one about 30 minutes away from me (one way) & so far I am very pleased. She ran a bunch of blood work. She even agreed to look for the SS antibodies again since that blood work was only done one time almost 3 1/2 yrs ago.

Anyway, I have a follow up appt with my new Rheumy on 8/9 but I am getting blood test/UA  results in through the patient portal & IK y'all aren't DR's but was hoping someone could clarify what some of these results COULD mean......

GFR Non AA......57

UA Dipstick
UA Spec Grav........1.012
UA PH...................7

UA Microscopic
UA WBC...............1.1
UA RBC.................2.4
UA Hyal Cast.........2.7
UA Epithelials.........3.5

the rest of the blood work is normal. Some are right on the border of either being high or low but still considered normal non the less.
Obviously IK that the UA WBC & RBC means I have blood in my urine but that it is not detectable by the naked eye. My urine is cloudy off & on (has been doing this over a year now). But never tinged with any color, odor or any signs of infection. No itching down there, or burning when I urinate. No signs of a UTI at all......I have been having urinary frequency tho for almost 18 months now. I have been waking in the middle of the night to void for the last 6-8 months every night. And I cannot hold my urine for ANYTHING!! When I have to go......I HAVE TO GO NOW!!!

If ANYONE has any insight to these lab values, I woulld be very grateful.
TIA :)
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Hello and welcome to the forum. Sorry for the delay in response.  Have you been back to your doctor to get interpretation of these results?  
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