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Low e-CFR and slightly raised creatinine?

I'm a 50 y/o female in relatively good health. I have fibromyalgia and thyroid issues (non-autoimmune) but that's about it. I'm overweight but not obese (via BMI).  I stay hydrated.  No diabetes, no high blood pressure.

My GP's office has one of those on-line portal things where patients can view their test results. I decided to take a peek and was looking at some past testing. I noticed that in my blood work from February of this year the eGFR-AA was low (53) and my creatinine was high (1.09). Earlier tests show these well within the "normal" range.

Do you think I should nudge my GP regarding these test results or just wait for the next round of annual blood tests? She hasn't mentioned that anything was unusual during subsequent visits.

Is there anything that might cause temporary fluctuation in levels?
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Thanks for your comment!  

Still haven't heard back from the doc.  Grrrrr.

Got most recent blood test results and GFR is still in the 50s.  Creatinine slightly elevated.  I don't take NSAIDs for the fibro, but have taken them for a bad knee and headaches for a few years.  Was also in Lyme treatment for a long time (5 years ago) and wondering if the antibiotics might have not done a number on the kidneys.

Thanks again and will keep posting with updates.  :)
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Do you take anti-inflammatories for your fibromyalgia? These could be affecting your kidney function. Some people don't know that NSAIDS, whether prescription or over-the-counter can greatly effect kidney function. You really need to see a nephrologist or discuss your meds with your doctor to see which ones you may have to discontinue or reduce. Good luck.
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Make that e-GFR, not e-CFR.  Stoopid fingers.
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