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What kind of kidney problem?

Hi there.

Im a 40 year old male, no-smoker, no-drinker.
I have been working out with weights for 25 years, eating high protein diet.

For many years i have had a weird kindney problem.

If i used Vitamin C tablets or Ibuprofen for several days to a week, then i would get
kidney pain??
Im sure it's kidney pain, low back, under the ribs towards the sides.

So i just stayed away from thoose two items for years.
But now i have the same dull pain in my kidneys all the time. (2-3 on a pain scale)

My recent bloodtest showed normal kreatinin levels.
I doctor does not seem to take my problem serious.
It's been 2-3 months now.

Any idea what it could be?  ....Or what i should do?

Thank you for any input.
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There can be many causes of low back ache. Degenerated lumbar discs, sciatica, herniated discs, arthritis,ankylosing spondylitis,lumbar strain,radiculopathy,kidney problems etc.Kidney problems like infections and haematoma etc can present with pain in lower back. They can be diagnosed with urine analysis and ultrasound. You should discuss above mentioned possibilities with your doctor and get evaluated. Treatment will be directed to treat the specific cause. Hope it helps.
Best regards!
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Thank you for your input.
A trip to the Doc it is then.

Are the kindney conditions you mention curable/treatable?
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