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kidney function

my bun is 63 and my creatine is 8.02 and im 60 yrs. old. Whatis my kidney function,
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Obviously you just got tested by a doctor who ordered the labs done.  That doctor is the one to ask first.  Usually they will give you a report on this.  If it was a physical, this is now done usually on the internet on a web portal run by the practice.  Also know that creatine, or creatinine, doesn't just test the kidneys, it's also a test of muscle problems and inflammation.  In the doc's report there will be a range.  If you want to know the general range, I will tell you that info isn't consensus.  Most don't think it's a problem unless it's very high, whereas others react when it's just out of range.  So if you want to know the different ranges, you'll have to do some research.  I know this because I had slightly elevated creatine levels at my last physical and so did my wife and we got two different answers as to what it might mean from the same doctor because I was having pain issues and she wasn't, but when I researched it there seemed to be no real problem.  Because this isn't an issue with consensus opinion, answers on here will likely be posts from various organizations so I'm just telling you, sources don't agree on this stuff.  That's why the first person to ask this question of is your doc, who has examined you.
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