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Can a stent break off when u have pulled it out????

I had surgery a week ago for kidney stones and infections. They went in and everything went great. But had to have a stent put in. Well 3 days after surgery my stent started coming out when I called my doctor she told me to pull it out. So I did. Well it's been 5 days and I have been having chronic pain in my bladder and it feels like something is in there. The stent didn't look right when it came out but I just didn't think about. I didn't go back for a check up bc my Dr said I didn't have to. So could the stent had broken off and still in there???
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The stent having broken off would be an EXTREMELY rare thing to have happened. Most likely, you're sore from the stent having come out early in the first place. If it continues, I'd certainly go back and see the doctor. Nothing is impossible, but highly improbable.
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