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How Can You Tell if a Kidney Stone has Passed?

So I have a 7mm kidney stone that made it about 80% down the ureter before I went to the doctor. The CT scan showed the stone right outside of my bladder, though the pain was just too intense to take at that point. The doctor said 7mm stones usually require help, but this one seemed to be passing on its own. That was 4 days ago. I've been on Flomax since then. I felt some pain around in my groin, but it was more discomfort. Right now, I'm feeling pain in my side, but I cannot tell if it's residual ureter pain, or if the stone is still in my ureter and has not yet passed. Is there any way to tell the difference between stone pain and the ureter damage pain/
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If still unclear, consider KUB (radiograph of kidneys/ureters/bladder), less expensive and less radiation than repeat CT.
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Did you ever figure this out?  My doctor told me to strain my urine in this situation and I was like, ya, no.  Typically when passing a stone it is painful or you have nausea or issues that are noticeable.  Once those are gone, the stone has probably passed in my  opinion.  How long did it take since this was last month?  
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Did the stone pass for sure finally?  How are you doing now?
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